Could Prince Fielder End Up Staying With The Brewers?

By chrisrundell

In baseball there are many different factors that can determine if a player stays or goes. For Prince Fielder he would like to be paid what he is worth, but he may find out that is not as much as he had hoped for. It is true that Fielder’s numbers are as good as some of the top first basemen in the league. The problem that Fielder will run into is all the teams who have open pockets are already set at the position. This means he would have to choose what I call a second tier team that don’t have deep pockets as the Yankees and Red Sox do.

This means Prince Fielder may have to think long and hard about where he wants to play and the kind of money he will be offered. I am sure some team will offer him good money as a free agent, but with the Yankees and Red Sox probably off the table this does give the Brewers a fighting chance to keep him.

No matter what any tells you Prince Fielder is a valuable asset to the Brewers and they really do not want to lose him. The Brewers are hoping that the big money will not be thrown his way and they have a chance to match something they can afford. It is possible as you never know how things will shape up come 2012. You never know Prince Fielder may just stay a Brewers for years to come, only time will tell.

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