Brewers And Kameron Loe Agree To Terms

By chrisrundell

The Milwaukee Brewers and Kameron Loe have reached a deal which will pay him 1.25 million dollars for the 2011 season. Loe can also make 115,000 in bonus money based on appearances. He is a decent pitcher who at times has pitched well. Loe was seeking 1.65 million which kind of surprise the Brewers. It should not as players want to get as much as the possibly can these days.

Shaun Marcum and Rickie Weeks are the only two players left for the Brewers that are eligible for arbitration.  Both should get some nice money especially Weeks. Rickie Weeks had one of the best seasons of his career last year and is seeking a long term deal with the Brewers. He is a guy the Brewers need to lock-in long term as he just will continue to get better over time.

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