Prince Fielder 200 Million Dollar Man?

By chrisrundell

Everyday you hear many different stories and rumors about Milwaukee Brewers first basemen Prince Fielder. His agent Scott Boras is one of the toughest agents to deal with and always tries to get the most for his clients. Many people have tossed around a 200 million dollar figure when Prince becomes a free agent. Now I do not know about 200 million, but it would not surprise me one bit. If Prince Fielder has a banner year in 2011 it is a possibility. Some baseball team will drop that kind of money on a player, especially if he has great numbers to prove it.

For the Milwaukee Brewers they never will drop that kind of money on Prince Fielder. If they did I think their fan base would not be very happen about it if it did happen. Fielder is a good player and he will be missed if he leaves, but he is not worth no 200 million dollars. Take Mark Teixeira who gets paid highly by the Yankees 8 years at 180 million. He is a good player, but one guy does not equal a team. By the way Scott Boras is Teixeira’s agent as well. Maybe Boras wants to see if he can hit the 200 million mark as an agent.

Either way the Milwaukee Brewers will not give Prince Fielder a Prince’s sum to stay with the Brewers. I look for him to be moved before the All-Star break as if they do not his value may go way down. The main reason, teams know at the end of the season they can get him in free agency. Look for the Brewers to not get a lot for Prince  unless a team needs him real bad they will not offer a lot. The one thing we know for sure Prince Fielder could be a 200 million dollar man soon.

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