So Long Jose Reyes?

By tedswedalla

Jose Reyes has said that he will not talk about a contract extension with the New York Mets after the season starts.

That’s fine with me.

Maybe it will give him something to play for. Guys tend to play better in contract years.

He hasn’t played a full season since 2008 and has not shown over the last two seasons that he is worthy of a big time contract from the Mets. To me, it looks like he’s lost that spark, that extra gear that made him so dangerous.

If he wants the big contract then he will have to perform this season like he did in 2006. He is going to need a Top 10 MVP season to get the money he wants, to prove that he is not an injury-prone player who’s already past his prime.

That means hitting 300, scoring 110+ runs, stealing 60+ bases with 20+ triples and 15+ homers.

I think a season like that is the only way that Sandy Alderson makes a play for Reyes in the off-season.

If he’s hurt, or fails to produce like he used to, don’t be surprised to see number 7 somewhere else next year.

Alderson was brought in to turn this franchise around and if that means parting ways with someone who used to be the most electric player in the National League then so be it. The last thing anyone wants is for the Mets to be saddled with another long term contract for a player who isn’t producing.

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