Ramirez and Damon finally put pen to paper for the Tampa Bay Rays

By ericschmidt

It has taken a few weeks, but yesterday Manny Ramirez and Johnny Damon finally put pen to paper as the Rays announced the official signing of the two players which bring an interesting twist to the Rays this season.

This is yet another in a long line of Rays ownership’s low risk, high reward signings.

During the signing of the two former Boston Red Sox teammates, Manny Ramirez told reporters, ” Like Johnny said, the pitching is great. Me and Johnny, we could help. We have a lot of experience. I think we could work with the young guys and make them better”.

The signing comes as I explained, with little risk and a huge upside potential. Johnny Damon now can possibly return to the leadoff position, giving the Rays a genuine leadoff bat, and Ramirez comes with some huge potential as finally providing the Rays with a DH bat which will no longer be hovering around the .200 batting average level. While Man-Ram might not blast 30 homeruns at this point in his career, if he can hold his batting average around .280 and hit 20 homeruns, he will be more productive in the long run than Carlos Pena was last season.

These two are interesting signings, and as many Rays fans were getting ready to write the Rays fans off for the 2011 season, the addition of these two veterans could make the 2011 season very, very interesting. The signing of these two are drawing some interest from baseball observers around the league. Bryan Douglass chimed in at Gunaxin Sports. Bryan always adds a very interesting take on the latest in the world of sports. You can read his take right here.

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