Is Sternberg Looking to Buy a Portion of the New York Mets?

By dannarferrara

The Tampa Tribune has reported that there are still rumors going around that say Stuart Sternberg is interested in buying a portion of the New York Mets.

Sternberg has come out and said, “This is their team, and I have no intention of purchasing or looking at purchasing the Mets.”

While this may shoot down all potential thoughts, rumors have not stopped yet. It seems like people still feel like he is in the running to buy the team.

Sternberg is a 52 year old wall street investor who owns 48% of the Tampa Bay Rays organization. He bought the share in 2004 and quickly became the Managing General Partner the next year. Perhaps his current involvement in MLB is why everyone suspects him of being interested in the Mets. 

The Wilpon family has said that the team is not for sale at all, but many people believe that this is false and that the Bernie Madoff saga is hampering the Mets’ financial abilities. 

Even if the team was for sale, would Sternberg make a good owner? The Tampa Bay Rays have always had a very low payroll, with the highest being in 2010 at $72,847,133. The Mets’ payroll for the 2011 season is around $120 million, and that is considered to be low in New York.  The Rays have only finished out of last place 4 times since their creation in 1998 and are renown for their very low attendance records – they couldn’t even sell out playoff games in the 2008 and 2010 seasons. 

The fans here like to have their front office go after the best players on the free agent market and are used to paying big bucks for big names. The Rays have never done this, and usually see their solid players leave via free agency because they are unable to pay them. 

Stuart Sternberg is not the answer for the New York Mets. He would not be a solid owner and bail the Mets out of their unfortunate situation, so if the team is actually for sale, then the Wilpon family should look elsewhere for a buyer. We will see what happens over the coming months, but for now it is up in the air as to what will happen with the organization.     

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