Carlos Beltran Has Left Knee Tendinitis

By dannarferrara

Mets’ outfielder Carlos Beltran is hurt again, and this time he is expected to be out of action for 4-5 days due to left knee tendinitis.

Beltran has said that he will let Angel Pagan play center field this season, with him shifting to right field for the best interest of both the team and his health.

Regarding his most recent injury Beltran said, “I don’t want to compensate into the one that I really have to protect. I let the trainers know, and the doctor decided to put me on anti-inflammatories for a week and then shut down some of the work I’ve been doing outside, the high-impact. Heating is okay, cardio on the bike, the pool. It’s not like I’m not going to do anything. I’m going to continue to work and try to put myself in shape, but the field things, it’s going to be off for a little bit.”

Mets fans hoped that Beltran would have an injury free year and put up some big statistics, something that he has not done in two years. This news that broke today definitely puts some doubt into the minds of everyone as to whether or not Beltran can stay healthy.

Everyone initially thought that Beltran was poised for a big year because he has the motivation of playing for a new contract, being that he is heading into the last year of his current contract. This may not be the case however, if Beltran continues to have knee issues and can not stay on the field. 

Beltran was a DH the other day in a spring training game and has yet to take the field. Nobody knows how he will fare in right field this season, and if he can not play the field well then there is no place for the Mets to put him. 

Many people believe that if Beltran is good at the plate this year, he might be traded to a contender in the American League to serve as their DH. We will see what happens, but this left knee tendinitis is not a good sign.

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