Spring Continues...Say what?

By danhirsch

So we’re still 18 days away from the first significant pitch of the year. This Spring, some of the O’s have been better than expected. Some have been worse than expected. And some have been just about exactly what was expected. Hopefully the coaching staff has been able to see and evaluate the things they needed to see and evaluate. Faith over scrutiny is the key this spring. So I will continue the rest of this post as “part 1 of O’ Spring Trivia!!”

1.When was the name Orioles officially adopted by the team?



  c. 1962

  d. 1965

2. What are the Orioles’ official colors?

  a. Orange, Charcoal and White

  b. Orange and Black

  c. Burnt Orange and Black

  d. Orange, Black and White

3. When was the most recent season the Orioles won more than 100 games?





4. Who hit the most home runs for the O’s in 2010?

  a. Luke Scott

  b. Ty Wiggington

  c. Felix Pie

  d. Adam Jones

5. Which O’s pitcher lead the team in Wins in 2010?

  a. Jeremy Guthrie

  b. Brian Matusz

  c. Brad Bergesen

  d. David Hernandez

*A special shot out to Felix Pie–it is International Pi Day…3.141592654…

Answers tomorrow-

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