The O's Win The Pennant!!

By danhirsch

Congratulations to Rick Schue of Elkton for nailing the trivia contest. Rick’s winning efforts hasve earned him a commenorative Roberto Alomar loogie and a shrivelled Brady Anderson testicle. Keep looking for more fun contests. The answers were as follows: 1954, orange, black and white, 1980, Luke Scott, and Jeremy Guthrie.

If I haven’t responded to your email yet, I appologize. The flood of correspondents has been, in a word, overwhelming. Peter Gammons keeps blowing up my phone trying to get inside information. I keep telling him Ohio State will win and the PAC-10 is way underrated. Those 2 nuggets of fact should help you dominate your brackets. Don’t trust the ACC.

Time for some bold predictions about the 2011 season– Brian Roberts will set the single season record for runs scored(let’s say 230?). Vlad Guerrero and Derrek Lee will rebirth their baseball lives by setting new career highs in stolen bases and walks–Showalter ball, get on board. Brian Matusz will channel Denny McClain and record 30 wins. The O’s will sweep their Inter-League schedule, going undefeated against the senior circuit. And Felix Pie will give Bud Selig the finger.

Are those predictions bold enough. Want another? The Oriole mascot will finally settle down and produce a family of little Oriole-ets running around the yard. Watch out for funny looking mascot doo-doo in the stadium this year.

I think another fake game will be played today—or maybe tomorrow. The premire in B-more is getting closer.

If you don’t comment, I’ll assume you agree with my bold predictions. I was going to add a picture…but our photo source had “no images to display” when I searched “Baltimore Orioles”. Now I’m not quite certain the team is actually playing these preseason games. Curious…

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