New York Mets Cut Luis Castillo

By dannarferrara

The New York Mets have cut Luis Castillo and will pay him his $6 million upon his release. They were slated to pay him regardless, so they figured they might as well cut ties now, since he would have proven to be utterly useless during the season anyway.

News was released the other day that Manager Terry Collins wants Luis Hernandez to be the starting second baseman on Opening Day, and this decision was pending the approval of General Manager Sandy Alderson. If Hernandez was going to be the starter then Castillo would serve no purpose on the roster. 

Although I disagree with the decision to name Hernandez the starter over Dan Murphy, I agree with the decision to cut Luis Castillo. 

Castillo was always injured and was renown for being a cancer in the clubhouse. Keeping him on the team even though he would not be playing would just be a detriment to the organization, so cutting ties was a smart move. 

The defining moment of Luis Castillo’s career with the New York Mets occurred on June 12, 2009 when he cost the Mets a game against the rival New York Yankees. With 2 outs in the bottom of the ninth inning at Yankee Stadium, Alex Rodriguez hit an innocent pop up to second base that looked like it would end the game. In fact, Luis Castillo dropped the ball and watched as Derek Jeter and Mark Teixeira came around to score the tying and winning runs. 

I will never forget this game, since I was there, and heard the sound of 50,000 people chanting Luis Castillo’s name. 


The Infamous "Dropped Pop Up" by Luis Castillo

Another hilarious event involving Castillo occurred when he grounded out and fell down the steps while trying to return to the dugout. He sprained his ankle and missed some time.

All of Castillo’s career with the Mets was one big joke. He reported to camp overweight one year and could barely jog to second base at the start of innings. 

The Luis Castillo experiment never worked out, but now it is finally over. After years of trying to dump Castillo and his large contract on an unsuspecting team, the Mets have come to the conclusion that it would be to everyone’s benefit if they just eat the $6 million and get rid of him.

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