Chase Utley Trying to Avoid Surgery

By dannarferrara

The information regarding Philadelphia Phillies’ second baseman Chase Utley is very vague, but one thing is very clear: Utley is trying to avoid having surgery on his injured knee.

Utley has recently visited a specialist, whom the Phillies’ front office has deemed a “rehab consultant”, and has returned to Phillies camp. Utley has recently said that he will try to avoid having surgery on his injured knee but that he is looking at the “big picture” as far as his health is concerned.

This makes perfect sense, since the Phillies will probably be able to survive without him due to their excellent pitching staff. Why risk coming back too early and injuring yourself more seriously? I am sure that the Phillies would rather go the first few months without their all-star than rush him back to the field and then lose him for the entire year. 

The injury to Utley is patella tendinitis in his right knee, an injury that he has received a cortisone shot for. While the cortisone shot did not work, Utley is now completing a list of exercises given to him by the “rehab consultant” that he just visited. 

Any possible path to getting healthy without going under the knife is the path that Chase Utley would like to travel down. Although much is being undisclosed by the Phillies organization regarding this injury, we can assume that Utley will begin the year on the disabled list. To go further, Utley will most likely miss an extended period of time because he has yet to play in a spring training game.   

If the Phillies are without Utley for a long period of time then they actually might struggle at the plate. Jayson Werth signed with the Washington Nationals as a free agent and Raul Ibanez is old and coming off a terrible season. Domonic Brown, the big prospect who many expected to start in right field, fractured his right hand earlier in the spring. 

The Phillies just signed Luis Castillo as insurance in case Utley is out for an extended period of time. Castillo was just cut by the New York Mets. 

Other teams in the National League might view the Phillies as a little more vulnerable now. Teams in the NL East, mainly the New York Mets and Atlanta Braves, might look to winning the division instead of settling for a wild card. 

We will keep you updated with any news that becomes available regarding the status of Chase Utley. News is very scarce when it comes to this situation but as soon as it breaks you can check back here. For now, however, expect Utley to miss some time. 

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