Dee Gordon: 1st to Home in 14 Seconds!

By Tim Morris

Dee Gordon is FAST! I always knew it, with 144 stolen bases in only 324 minor league games, that’s obvious but to see a guy hit the ball, and make it all the way around the base paths in only 15 seconds is astounding! That’s less than 4 seconds from one base to the next! The average baseball player makes it from home to first in 4.3 seconds and for a left handed batter 3.9 is considered exceptional so for Gordon to average 3.5 from base to base is just stupid.

Just check this vid below.

Dee Gordon *Almost* Inside the Park Home-Run (He was Safe!)

He makes contact at 0:08 and makes it home by 0:22 (under the catchers glove btw) but most guys, that’s an easy triple, for Dee, a near home-run, that’s speed baby!

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