Should the New York Mets Even Want Carlos Beltran to be Healthy?

By dannarferrara

Carlos Beltran has been seen hitting and playing the outfield recently and he has not ruled out playing Opening Day for the New York Mets. When you tell this to any Met fan, their first response will be, “Who cares?” Well, I am here to tell them that the New York Mets do.

We all know that Beltran’s tenure as a member of the Mets has been hindered by injuries and is labeled as a failure. While every fan is fed up with Beltran and his constant injury updates and setbacks, the fact of the matter is that the Mets need him. 

If the New York Mets hope to reach the postseason this year then Carlos Beltran must be healthy. With the Philadelphia Phillies and Atlanta Braves both considered to be better than the Mets, everything needs to go right this season for New York. One of those things includes Beltran staying healthy and producing in the middle of the Mets’ lineup. 

Carlos Beltran is the Mets’ best option for right field and him being healthy will be very beneficial to the organization. Even if the Mets do not experience success with him this season, he can be traded at the deadline for some young talent. In order to have any value on the market, however, Beltran must display the ability to stay on the field and produce.

Entering his walk year, everyone expected a big season out of Beltran, but after the injury drama in Spring Training everyone has now calmed down.

You may not necessarily like him, you may be frustrated by his injuries, or maybe you just do not want him on your team, but you can not deny the fact that Beltran is doing everything that he can to play on Opening Day. While it looked extremely bleak just a couple of days ago, Beltran has shown some very encouraging signs. 

Perhaps the new Mets’ regime will instill a sense of pride in Beltran and restore his work ethic, which has been questionable these last few years. Hopefully Beltran can get back on the field sooner rather than later and produce for the Mets. 

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