A's Fans Already Freaking Out

By danielburt

After the first series of the season the Oakland A’s are 1-3. However many A’s fans are acting like their record is 1-161. Yes, the A’s bullpen and defense both got off to a terrible start. Yes, the A’s offense struggled mightily in the first two games. The real fact to take into account was that it was the first three games of the season! So come out from your under your desks because the sky isn’t falling just yet.

Sure if the A’s don’t improve from their first three games we all have something to worry about. What are the chances that Brian Fuentes, who has a career era of 3.44, is not going to get better from his current era of 18.00? What are the chances Daric Barton, who was being talked about as a possible gold glover, continues to make errors all season? Do those two scenarios seem more likely than what those players have done over their entire career? If you think so that is very far fetched and I assume no matter what I type you will continue to accept the worst.

Readers of the blog, listen to me. Get a brown paper bag and breath into it slowly. Inhale…….now exhale. Now repeat.

Calmed down? Good. Well let’s examine the pluses from this weekend. The A’s lost game one of the Seattle series. (What? That’s a plus! How dare you, Dan!) Seriously everyone we lost to last season’s Cy Young winner. It was a close game until Breslow struggled. The A’s hung in their with one of the best pitchers in all of baseball. That’s not a bad thing. Those games happen. Let’s move on. How about Josh Willingham? That guy looked better than anyone has at the plate for the A’s in a while. I might have to take back some of that bad mouthing I did during spring training. OK, how about one more good thing? I will make it a good one. All of our starting pitchers did a good job. Cahill has some issues with the strike zone. His pitch count was too high. Yes, he didn’t make it through the 5th. No, those were not pluses. He also didn’t give up many runs. 1 run to be exact. He also struck out 8. Then Brett Anderson pitched a gem and only gave up one run through 6 innings. Finally Gio Gonzalez was fantastic. Gio pitched 7 strong innings and only gave up a solo home run. If you watched him pitch out of that jam in the 7th then you saw some mature pitching from Gio. In the past that is the situation he comes undone in. Come on A’s fan look at the positives and ditch the negatives. Let’s save all the worrying till May.

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