White Sox Need to Capitalize on Injuries in AL Central

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The Major League Baseball season is a 162-game grind. Teams have their ups and downs based on various slumps and surges. More importantly, players deal with injuries constantly. A major injury can often dictate how a particular team’s season will play out.

Though the White Sox are still waiting for Jake Peavy to come back healthy, the rest of their team is injury-free. Their division rivals have not been so lucky.

The Detroit Tigers, whose Manager Jim Leyland had already acknowledged the holes in the middle of his bullpen, are going to be without reliever Ryan Perry for the remainder of the month, due to a freak eye injury. They’re also still waiting (hoping) for flamethrower Joel Zumaya to come back from the injury that sidelined him last season.

In even bigger news, the Minnesota Twins took a major blow in Thursday’s game against the Yankees. As reported by Andrew Schelbe of Twins Territory Talk, new Second Baseman Tsuyoshi Nishioka (pictured left) will miss significant time after breaking his leg white attempting to turn a double play.

As of now, the Sox are tied for the division lead with the Indians and Royals. I think it’s safe to say both of those teams will have faded by June at the latest. Chicago needs to focus on their true rivals, Detroit and Minnesota. With the Twins missing their No. 2 hitter, and the Tigers hurting for middle relief, it’s time for the White Sox to widen the gap in the AL Central. Already the favorites of many to win the division, if the Sox can build a five or six game lead by early May, it’s going to look like a difficult hill to climb in the eyes of the competition.