Adam Dunn Healing Slowly

By evanhill

Perhaps Adam Dunn’s plan to play in Thursday evening’s game against the Tampa Bay Rays was even more optimistic than most had imagined. Dunn, who has missed the last two games due to an emergency appendectomy performed Tuesday night in Kansas City, is not in the lineup again tonight. Chances are, it could be a few more games.

“I’m not a doctor,” stated Manager Ozzie Guillen this afternoon, “but when they open your body and you say five days, I don’t care who you are. He’s not Superman. I don’t care how tough you are.”

Though Dunn thinks he’ll be ready to face the Rays tomorrow afternoon, it wouldn’t be a surprise for Guillen to hold him out a couple more days. There’s no use rushing your best power hitter, only to lose him for a longer duration of time.

Watching the game from the bench can’t be easy for Dunn. Since earning a regular starting job in 2002, the slugger has played at least 158 games in every season but one. Though the season is in just its first month, it’s clear he’s itching to make it back on the field and help the White Sox compete for the division crown.

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