Does Rainout Help Brewers?

By timhealey

The Brewers-Bucs series was delayed by a day thanks to last night’s rains. And the Brewers could use the rest.

Starting the season at 5-5, the expected 2011 NL Central contenders had Monday off. Getting Tuesday as a second straight off day can only help.

That’s especially true given that Zack Greinke is still on the recovery track. An extra day off is one less game that has to be played before Greinke is ready to return.

Not only that, but it’s one more chance for the rest of the team to take a break and refocus. Refocusing may be necessary as the offense continues to recover from a slow start. The bullpen, too, started on shaky terms, and having a day to regroup can’t hurt.

Of course, sometimes a day of rest can neutralize momentum, and the Brewers did gain some of that by taking the final two of three from the rival Chicago Cubs. And the young Pirates are a team that the Brewers could take advantage of.

Still, extra days of rest are to be prized in a 162-game season, and the Brewers probably won’t complain.

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