Ozzie Guillen Not Happy About Upcoming Road Schedule

By evanhill

The Chicago White Sox are about to embark on a difficult four weeks of scheduled games and, surprise surprise, Ozzie Guillen isn’t happy about it. Over the next 11 days the club will play 11 games on the road, in Tampa Bay, Detroit and finally, New York. Following the grueling trip, the Sox return home for just six games before they’re right back on the road for nine games, all on the west coast.

“The people who make the schedule never played the game,” Guillen told reporters yesterday. “But it is what it is.” The team will play just 11 home games out of the 29 scheduled for May. Though it won’t be easy, given the snow on the Chicago sidewalks (yes, seriously) this morning, it could be a blessing in disguise. As Mark Buehrle pointed out “you obviously want to be home, but hopefully the weather will be nicer.”

Perhaps the change of scenery will serve the Sox well. After winning three-of-four at home against the Rays, the club went on a skid and ended their home stand 4-6. The club will be looking to at least split on the long road trips, before they thaw out and play the majority of their summer games at home. Just like last season, Ozzie Guillen’s squad will home to make a strong mid-summer push and climb the standings in the up-for-grabs AL Central.

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