Will The Real 2011 Milwaukee Brewers Please Stand Up?

By timhealey

OK, that’s it, I give up.

I don’t know what to make of this team. I’m not sure anyone else does either.

The Brewers started 0-4 before rebounding. But then, they were swept by the Nationals before hanging on to beat the Phillies in a game they tried to give away.

Three weeks into the season, we still don’t know if the Brewers are contenders or pretenders. Of course, it’s early, and there are several teams in the big leagues that are struggling despite having high expectations (See: Red Sox, Boston) and there are some teams that weren’t expected to do much but have gotten off to strong starts.

So this may mean nothing come September. Or it may mean everything. Stat-heads will tell you that most teams regress to the mean, meaning the bad teams will trail off and the good teams will play better. But even if the Brewers do improve, these games count in the standings, and the losses can’t be recovered. That could be a problem if the pennant race comes down to the wire.

The bigger question is: Who are these Brewers? We know they have a solid offense, and a good rotation. We’re still learning about the bullpen and defense. What we don’t know is what kind of record they’ll have.

That, of course, is why the games are played. And it is too early to pass judgment–Memorial Day is a much better barometer.

What do you think? Are these Brewers a .500 team? A contender? Or a pretender? Feel free to comment.

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