Twins' lineup woes continue

By andrewscheibe

Yesterday I wrote about how the month of April has been a nightmare for the Twins. And it just doesn’t seem to want to end. Wednesday’s lineup is pretty bad compared to what the Twins opened the season with. Batting second and playing left, in place of Delmon Young, is Jason Repko. Michael Cuddyer is playing first, as Justin Morneau is still sick. Steve Holm is catching and batting eighth. Pretty much all the thunder this lineup had two weeks ago is hurt or sick. Jason Kubel, Cuddyer and Jim Thome isn’t a bad 3-4-5, but it doesn’t really compare to Mauer, Morneau and Young if you ask me.

Delmon Young has sore ribs and the flu. It sounds like he will be sitting out the rest of the series in Baltimore and will need to be evaluated once the Twins get back to Minnesota. Seriously, they are dropping like flies. I hope this flu bug goes away immediately, because if anyone else gets sick Gardy won’t even be able to field nine players for a game. For tonight’s game it appears his bench will be Drew Butera and Alexi Casilla, which is pretty brutal. If Delmon Young has to go on the shelf the only positive is that we might get to see Ben Revere for a little bit. But frankly, I’d rather not be watching prospects in April and May when the team is supposed to be contending.

I even doubt we will see Morneau the rest of the series. All I have to say is, where are all the Cuddyer haters now? If he was sick this team would be in a lot of trouble, because who the heck would be playing all the positions he has the last week or so? Yeah, his .300 slugging percentage is brutal, but without him I think the Twins would be way worse. But hey Cuddyer haters, don’t forget to notice that Jim Thome is slugging under .300…just saying.

Let’s look for Nick Blackburn to right the ship tonight following a decent outing in Tampa last week. He gave up 10 hits and five runs, but he did strike out six. And he did cruise through most of the first five innings, but the wheels kind of came off in the six and then the seventh for him. He really needs a good outing to rest the bullpen after Carl Pavano’s terrible outing on Tuesday.

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