Will Steve Garvey Buy the Dodgers?

By Tim Morris

In one report it says that Steve Garvey has signed up billionaire and Pomona native Ron Burkle to be part of his investment group. In another, albeit on Twitter, Tim Brown says this is not the case.

I don’t know which is true but I’d love to see this happen. Garvey is a smart baseball man and is already part of the Dodgers as a member of the marketing and communications department. If the Dodgers eventually go up for sale, having a guy like Garvey at the helm would put the Dodgers at the forefront of baseball just by his name alone and would excite Dodger fans all over the world.

All we can do is hold our breaths and hope that McCourt just gives up, he has no foundation to stand on except that he’s the one who has the team now, it’s best for him and the team if he just gives up now so that by the off-season we can have a real manager (and hopefully GM).

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