Dodgers Owner Frank McCourt is Upset!

By Tim Morris

Un-American!” is what McCourt calls baseball stepping in and overseeing the Dodgers finances. Right now McCourt can’t even get a call back from Bud Selig and when he showed up in person, he got a second level crony and told that he couldn’t see him.

I think McCourt is really taking this out of context, he’s still the owner of the Dodgers the only thing that’s different is now he has to let Tom Schieffer now when things are happening and Frank if you have nothing to hide, you don’t get upset when you’re uncovered but since you are screamin’ mad and beggin’ it lets me know you can’t be trusted.

It’s obvious, Selig doesn’t trust him and has gotten enough evidence together that he felt this had to be done. The thing is, the last two times he’s done this, with the Expos (now the Nationals) and the Texas Rangers, it’s really helped the franchise and gotten them back on the right track so I fully trust him in this endeavor that the Dodgers will return to national prominence.

Lastly, I don’t trust him, he’s shown himself untrustworthy and him asking us for a second chance ain’t happening, because we’ve given him a second, third, fourth chance and we’re done, like R-Kelly said “When a woman’s fed up, there ain’t nothin’ you can do about it” and we’re fed up McCourt, and there ain’t nothin’ you can do about it!

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