Astros Series Preview v. Cincinnati Reds

By Connor Nielen

Following a lackluster finish to the Cardinals series, the Astros finished off their home-stand in style with a pair of victories against the Milwaukee Brewers. The team now packs their bags and travels to Cincinnati, a city in which they have already appeared earlier this season:

(Monday night’s game has been rained out – updated schedule below)

Tues. May. 3. 6:10 pm CTJ.A. Happ (1-4, 6.35) v. Mike Leake (3-0, 4.40) [WIN 10-4]

Wed. May. 4. 11:35 am CTAneury Rodriguez (0-0, 6.75) v. Travis Wood (1-3, 6.82) [LOSS 3-2]

Thurs. May 5. 11:35 am CT – Brett Myers (1-1, 3.72) v. Homer Bailey (0-0, -.–) [LOSS 10-4]

Highly unlikely that outfielder Carlos Lee will make an appearance in the series following his horrific crash with Angel Sanchez in Sunday’s game. It’s being reported that Lee sustained bruised ribs, but that fortunately they are not broken. Beyond the injury, Lee has clearly not had the kind of season some were hoping he might in the final year of that massive contract.

As noted a few days, Aneury Rodriguez will take Nelson Figueroa’s spot in the rotation, starting with Tuesday evening’s game. There is also a very good chance that Wilton Lopez will be activated from the disabled list, providing a much-needed boost to the bullpen against the Reds hitters. Lo

Most of America might not be supporting Charlie Sheen’s new ‘#winning’ lifestyle, but the Reds players are: check out this Twitter picture of some of the Cincy guy’s in their new Sheen t-shirts, courtesy of Brandon Phillips’ Twitter.

Mike ‘arrested-for-shoplifting-$60-worth-of-merchandise-from-a-department-store’ Leake makes the start for the Reds in the series opener. By now you’ve probably heard of Leake’s infamous early-season run-in with the law, but perhaps you didn’t happen to catch the comments of his teammate, Phillips, following his first start post-incident:

“I really tip my cap off to him. He went out there, he did his job regardless of what happened or whatever, but you know – I love him to death but…it feels good for him to steal a win like that.”


The Astros first victory of the season came in Cincinnati behind a great outing from Brett Myers, who was not credited with the ‘Win’ but was the driving force behind the achievement. Myers has been short-changed statistically numerous time this year already thanks to a lack of offensive support.

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