Daric Barton's Struggles May Cost Him His Job

By danielburt

It was only a few weeks ago that the Oakland A’s were looking to lock up Daric Barton to a long term contract. Now it seems he might have lost his job as the A’s everyday first baseman. Conor Jackson has stepped up his game nicely so far this season and has made a case to play everyday for the Oakland A’s. So that leaves Geren the decision to play him in the outfield, first base or DH. With the most of the hitting currently coming from the outfield and the DH that makes Geren’s decision a simple one. Conor should get most of his playing time at first base.

So far this season Daric Barton is playing the worst baseball of his career. He is batting .204 with 5 RBIs and 0 home runs in 103 at bats. Add onto that his 5 errors in the field and it’s hard to make a case against Geren benching him.

The question is, with Conor playing solid baseball and the A’s offense already struggling as much as it is, should the A’s even bother to keep Daric Barton? Personally I say no. This is coming from a guy who blogged about how he is one of the most underrated first basemen in baseball. I have no problem admitting when I am wrong and right now Barton is proving me wrong.

The Oakland A’s don’t have a spot on the bench for a guy who can’t hit or field. Billy should probably give Daric another month to get going with at bats here and there. If he can’t produce in that time Daric should be included in a trade to bring in some help for this offense.

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