How Can Anyone Trust Frank McCourt?

By Tim Morris

After today’s announcement that the Dodgers may not have the funds to meet payroll this month, how can we trust embattled owner Frank McCourts assertion that everything will be alright?

How can we trust that this guy cares about this team when while this whole thing is going on he’s yet to talk about his team? He’s never even addressed Ethier’s hitting streak and it’s reaching historic proportions.

In the recent interview on ESPN Radio he says “the Dodgers have the resources to compete” yet, he had to borrow money from Fox for one payroll and baseball will have to bail him out in May, yeah…you have the resources to compete.

He also stats the the reports of him taking over $100 million from the team is false and that the reason for his silence is that his kids told him not to say anything, he also said that his “extravagant” life style is the fault of his wife. So here is this guy saying “trust me, trust me” yet he won’t even own up to his own mistakes yet blames his wife and kids, riiiiight!

Come off it McCourt, you’re a poor owner and your days are numbered, whether you gain sold ownership from the MLB and get Tom Schieffer out of your hair or through court-ruling it’s declared that your wife owns half the team and you must sell, you’re going to be out and we as Dodger fans couldn’t be happier.

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