Orlando Cabrera Insult A's Offense

By danielburt

And why shouldn’t they? For those of you who missed the top of the 11th inning, the Indians had runners on first and second with one out. Ex A, Jack Hannahan, hit blooper to left field. It dropped and the Indians scored what was the go ahead run.

What was insulting to the A’s was that the ball could have been caught. Orlando Cabrera took off and just headed for home. He could have played it safe and taken a few steps off the bag and waited to see what happened. If Pennington had caught the ball his momentum would not have allowed him to turn and plant to throw to second and if the ball dropped he could have easily made it into third. So Cabrera didn’t have to take off for home on the bloop hit. But he chose to. Why? Because the Indians know the A’s aren’t a threat offensively. They probably figured worse case scenario they get another shot in the top of the 12th.

For those of you who may not get what I am saying let me use another sport. It’s like when an NFL team goes for it on 4th down in their own territory early in the game. They know the other team’s offense is going to go three and out so why not go for it on fourth.

To be fair I would have done the same thing if I was Cabrera. I am not trying to bad mouth the Indians with this blog. The A’s offense needs insulting. This A’s line up is just terrible. With any offensive out put at all the A’s win two of the three against Cleveland.

When will Billy see the signs and try to fix this?

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