2011 Minnesota Twins, cursed?

By andrewscheibe

Take one look at the starting lineup for the Twins Tuesday and it is hard not to think about all of the injuries this team has had to deal with. It started with the broken leg of Tsuyoshi Nishioka. Then Kevin Slowey hit the DL. Following Slowey to the disabled list would be Joe Mauer, the biggest blow the Twins have had so far. And it didn’t end with Mauer going on the shelf. Delmon Young would soon head to the DL with sore ribs, Jim Thome followed him shortly after with a strained oblique. Typing al of that wore me out, just imagine how Ron Gardenhire has to feel when he looks at his roster and has to come up with a lineup. Trevor Plouffe was called up when Thome hit the DL with the hopes of bringing some stability to the shortstop position. He had a big game in his season debut, but he would wind up injuring his hamstring at the end of what was just his third game. It just seems like the injuries don’t stop. Even the guys who aren’t hurt all seem to be getting sick at least. Francisco Liriano threw a no-hitter and followed it up with a sore throat and had to be pushed back a day. Justin Morneau got the flu a few weeks back and ended up losing around 15 pounds and he looks noticeably thinner. Where does the madness end?

All of these things lead me to my point. Are the 2011 Twins cursed? Haha, okay I don’t believe that, but my goodness, that’s how crazy things are getting at this point. No one can stay on the field long enough to find a groove and the offense clearly reflects that. Jason Kubel and Denard Span have stayed healthy so far and have been productive but they’re the only two guys who can really say they’ve done both this season.

In all of my years watching baseball I have never seen a club have this much turnover on their roster in such a short period of time. It is no wonder they are in the basement of the AL Central. There is still talent on the roster, but at what point do all of these losses add up to a lost season? It sounds like the Twins are shooting for Mauer to be back before June 1st, but that’s three weeks away. I can’t imagine this team can do a whole lot of winning with Drew Butera and Rene Rivera giving away outs on a nightly basis. How long can the Twins survive with Ben Revere or Rene Tosoni in the everyday lineup? At what point does the black cat run across the field or does some sort of goat show up at Target Field? That’s what this all feels like. It feels like one long, extended nightmare that has no end in sight.

Delmon Young did play in an extended spring training game today and appears to be on his way back, but who knows what he will be able to do when he returns, since he wasn’t hitting before the injury. I haven’t heard much about Thome and nobody seems to know about Mauer. I have conceded that the lineup will look like that of the Rochester Red Wings at this point, but I don’t know if I can take watching this much more.

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