Frustration win for Chicago Cubs could lead to better hitting

By jamesfrench

See what happens when you can actually hit with runners in scoring position. This high scoring game could be repeated just about every time the Cubs hit the field. The team has no troubles hitting the ball, as they are one of he top teams in batting average. It has been the lack of any type of production when a runner steps foot on that cursed second base.

Last night we got a perfect example of what would have happened if the cubs were able to hit with runners in scoring position all season long. This could have been the win that the Cubs needed in order to get their clutch bat going for the rest of the season. Every hitter should now have a renewed confidence in themselves that knows that they can hit and drive in the runs.

If this is truly going to be the win that unleashes the Cubs, then the National League Central is in for a lot of hard work. Up and down the lineup, each hitter is very dangerous in one way or another. Literally every hitter on the Cubs can hit the ball, and change the game, it was a shock that they could not string together hits to score runs.

With Geovany Soto landing on the DL, Koyie Hill may be the only weak point in the offense, but last night would not have agreed with that. Koyie doubled and tripled in last night’s games, and maybe he can keep that up. Honestly, any offense that comes from Hill is a bonus. He is a defensive minded catcher, and all the production he produces is from squatting behind the plate.

Only time will tell when it comes to figuring out the turning point of a season. Last night’s game definitely could turn out to be the turning point of the season. We may all look back at seasons end, and realize that it truly was the crooked score on May 11, against the St. Louis Cardinals, that pushed the Cubs into the playoffs with the best record in baseball.

Well, a fan can dream. It could happen though, w will just have to wait and see.

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