John Lackey Shows Blatant Disrepect For John McDonald

By Alastair Ingram

John Lackey is a frustrated pitcher.

He’s given up 19 hits and 17 earned runs in his last two outings, but no pitcher has the right to blatantly disrespect another player when his ERA is 8.01.

After Wednesday night’s loss to the Blue Jays (in which Lackey allowed 10 hits, five walks, and nine earned runs), Lackey reacted to the fact that he was left in the game in the seventh inning to face utility infielder John McDonald.

“Everybody’s had success with him in the past. You can’t give hits to him when you’ve got other guys in the lineup that can hurt you.”

It was a completely undeserved jab at McDonald, who came into the game just 3-for-19 in his career against Lackey.

After taking Lackey deep for his second home run of the season earlier in the night, the weak-hitting veteran smacked a two-run double to blow the game open on Lackey’s final pitch.

McDonald’s night served as further proof that everyone is having success against Lackey (2-5), and the Red Sox’ $80 million fourth starter is in no position to criticize anyone but himself.

Lackey’s comments about McDonald wasn’t the only notable quotes from the right-hander after his second straight pounding.

Lackey concluded his post-game reaction by saying “everything in my life sucks right now.”

It seems to be a personal matter that is affecting Lackey’s performance and temperament, but it doesn’t excuse the disrespectful way he referred to McDonald.

The way Lackey is pitching, he can’t take any hitter for granted, even one who’s known almost exclusively for his glove.

When that same player goes 2-for-4 with three RBI, anything less than taking full responsibility for a lack of execution is childish.

In most situations, an ERA over eight would be disappointing enough.

Lackey’s consistently delusional approach to his struggles is equally disturbing.

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