.500 is a Beautiful Thing

By jamesgibson

…if you’re a long-suffering O’s fan, anyway, living and dying with a ballclub that hasn’t sniffed contention since 1997. We’re 43 games into the season, and Buck’s Birds are 19-23, just a few games under .500 and a full 5 game improvement over the record at this time one year ago. That the team is this close to treading water 40(ish) games into the season, while hardly the things of which baseball ecstasy are made,  should be nonetheless be seen as a positive.

Since 40 games is something of a guidepost for evaluating a team, it should be interesting to delve in a little deeper and unpack how the Orioles got to 19-23 (probably soon to be 19-24, as the Nationals are pounding them as I type this). We’ll do that over a couple of posts this weekend. Until then, have at it in the comments. How do you feel about the O’s start?

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