Carpenter Loses Another One

By chrisrundell

Every year, on every team, there just seems to be that one starter who doesn’t get any run support. It doesn’t seem to be just a few weeks, or a couple months either…nope, it’s the whole year. This year for St. Louis, it’s Chris Carpenter.

Sure, it’s only two months into the season and, who knows, maybe things will turn around. However, despite his 4.58 ERA, the truth is, he wouldn’t be 1-5 if his team scored some runs on days he pitches. He’s been lit up a couple times, but for the most part he’s been allowing about three runs per six or seven innings. Tonight was no different.

The Cards struck first…in the first…with one run. And that was it as far as the offensive went. Carpenter was solid, pitching eight innings, with six strikeouts and allowing only two earned runs (three unearned). That’s a quality start. Heck, that’s more than a quality start. I’m sure Card fans would be completely happy with Carpenter if he pitched eight innings and gave up two earned runs a start. But, like I said, every team has that starter with the bad luck who is much better than their statistics indicate. So far, the bad luck wheel spin just happened to land on the team’s Ace.

For more on Carp’s bad luck, check out stltoday .

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