.500! .500! .500

By jamesgibson

In my last post, I put forth the proposition that the O’s might just be more lucky than good. At that time, they were within shouting distance of .500 despite underwhelming production from the majority of the players on the club.

Maybe the team read those posts and got pissed off enough to play better. Maybe Buck dusted off his 2010 playbook and implemented some of his “inexplicable win” voodoo. Or maybe they kept on getting lucky. Regardless, since my round of “the O’s are close to .500 even though they kind of suck” posts, the team has reeled off five – count ’em, 5! – straight victories to make their record an elegant .500, 24-24, here at Memorial Day Weekend.

Now, sure, this winning was done at the expense of the woeful Washington Nationals and the Kansas City Royals (who’d likely get schooled by their AAA affiliate, the Omaha Storm Chasers). And it isn’t like this is their best start since the Iron Man’s heyday, as the 2008 club actually was one game better (25-23) through the first 48 before stumbling on to a rancid 68-93 finish.

Still…there hasn’t been much to cheer about thus far in 2011, and with 3/4 of a season left to play in the AL East there may not be much ahead either. So, yay, .500!

Next up is a road trip to Oakland and Seattle before coming back home to face the Blue Jays. I would say having a strong road trip is crucial before returning to Oriole Park to square off against a division rival. But I won’t. The Orioles, even at this early juncture of the season, are playing for pride only. Hopefully that proves to be enough of a motivating factor over what could be a long slog this summer.

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