Can Chicago Cubs change fortune after series win against New York Mets?

By jamesfrench

The Chicago Cubs’ offense finally busts open for an entire series, and the results were positive. No, it was not a sweep, but a series win, something the Cubs have gone without for a while could be a positive influence for this team. It was nice to see a good combination of power, clutch hitting, pitching and defense all come together.

Now they take on a young Pittsburgh Pirates team, of which beat the Cubs two out of three games to start the season. It wasn’t the start the Cubs wanted to have, but now they can get their revenge. A series sweep or even win at this point, would be a greater achievement for the Cubs. If they can win this series, they will be off to a productive run in the standings.

As mentioned before, there is always a lot of optimism floating around for the Chicago Cubs. People are always saying that this could be the changing point in the season. This type of optimism comes after one singular act that makes heads turn. Now it was a series against the Mets that lead, at least myself, to believe that this will be in fact a turning point for the season.


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