Cards Preview, Tidbits and More Disabled List Talk

By chrisrundell

Hoping to pitch like a man on a mission for the third straight game, Jake Westbrook will be taking on Rockies Ace Ubaldo Jimenez at Coors Field at 7:40 CT.

As far as the pitching match up is concerned, I have to give the upper-hand to the Cardinals because of Jimenez’s shocking lackluster season thus far. After going 19-8 with a 2.88 ERA last year, he has seemingly lost it and many are wondering if he is hurt. So far this season he is win-less with five losses and a really sub-par 5.44 ERA.

Westbrook’s stats aren’t much better but like mentioned in my blog a few days ago, he’s only given up one run in his last two starts.

Other thoughts:

-Hey, don’t look now, but Milwaukee is on a six-game winning streak.

-Hey, don’t look now, but rumors are swirling that Matt Holliday might be heading to the DL. Although, he is apparently available to pinch hit tonight. So that’s a good sign.

-Remember the days when Albert Pujols would win a game single-highhandedly by going 4-4 with two jacks, a double and a couple walks? I’d like to see that again. Preferably tonight.

-At this point, why don’t the Cardinals put the entire team on the DL for a couple weeks? Seriously, since every single player on the team goes on it eventually, why not just take care of it now, and bring up the Memphis Mafia up for a couple of weeks? Maybe after that everyone can stay healthy for a few months (I know, that’s asking a lot).

-It’s weird that the old-timey baseball players didn’t get injured every other week and also didn’t get paid. Maybe they were hurt and just played through the injury. But nowadays,man, if you slept on the wrong side of the bed you might as well call the manager and say you’ll be gone for a couple weeks with a back sprain (But don’t worry Skipper, I’ll make sure to cash my multi-million dollar checks!).

-Wow, this blogger just got really bitter there for a moment. But, you guys know what I’m saying right? Baseball injuries just getting ridiculous? It’s one thing for a guy to get hit in the hand or the eye with a fastball, it’s another to be out for six weeks with a calf strain because you ran too hard to first. I think head-shaking baseball injuries hit an all-time low when Sammy Sosa sneezed and pulled out his back.

How about you? What’s the most ridiculous baseball injury you remember?

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