Sacramento River Cats Offense Heating Up

Oakland’s offense beware! Some of the players on the River Cats are threatening to make a run at the bigs. Guys like Jemile Weeks, Michale Taylor, Adrian Cardenas, Wes Timmons and Jai Miller are really playing well right now. They are hitting the ball much better than their major league counter parts. In fact the worst hitter out of the minor league bunch is out hitting the best hitter on the Oakland A’s right now. I realize that they are facing much weaker pitching in the minors but I just don’t see how they can do worse than what the A’s are throwing out there.

So what are the A’s to do? If these young player keep hitting the ball with consistency and the major league players keep not hitting the ball with the consistency why not give the young bucks a shot?

Daric Barton, Mark Ellis, Andy LaRoche and Hideki Matsui are basically liabilities right now. The A’s are killing their record with God awful hitting but the future is showing some promise with these young hitters. Billy if you aren’t going to trade for offensive help please bring up one or two of these guys and just give them a shot. Some of these kids look like they have some real promise.

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  • angel pagan

    Oh no! Billy, these kids in the A’s farm system are our future. I know you have recently taken to renting players. Please do not touch these kids. Consider bringing them up, not trading them out for players who wont be here next year. Its sad but this seems to be a recent trend of yours.