Dodgers Need Kershaw to be Sharp

By Tim Morris

This is a kershaw knife. Above is Clayton Kershaw and while they’re two dissimilar objects, but tonight they need to be alike. A kershaw is sharp and Kershaw needs to be as well to life the Dodgers out of its doldrums.

With the offense weak lately, with seemingly the whole line up but Kemp and Loney mired in a slump, the pitching has been solid lately but Kershaw needs to be Cy Young Kershaw tonight and spear the Marlins.

He only has one game against them this year and went 5 innings and gave up 5 runs, he didn’t face them last year but in 2009 he dominated them in two games posted a 2.08 Earned run average, won one last none, and struck out 15 in 13 innings. We need something like that tonight because we definitely won’t see more than 2-3 runs from this offense, especially against Ricky Nolasco.

Let’s go Dodgers.

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