Josh Willingham Becoming A's Only True Power Hitter

By joshuarussell

Here’s the good news – at least the Oakland Athletics now have a legitimate power hitter. After spending a good part of this season relying solely on the pitching staff to win games, a couple of players decided to take it upon themselves to actually start hitting the ball.

And one player, namely Josh Willingham, recognized what most of the league already knows and that’s hitting the ball out of the park actually produces runs pretty quickly.

And, after today’s series sweep of the Orioles in which Willingham hit his 9th home run of the season, Josh finds himself 29th in MLB in home runs.

Now on the surface, 29th isn’t what you want to write home to mom about, but when you consider the next Oakland A’s player on the list is David DeJesus sitting at #122 with 4 home runs, you begin to realize just how much power has been lacking in the A’s lineup. Quick note, Kurt Suzuki also has 4 home runs but is #152 on the list.

Again, while Willingham is beginning to show signs of being a real power hitter, which is why Billy Beane nabbed him in the offseason, the rest of the A’s lineup is still very weak power-wise, including their big DH pick-up, Hideki Matsui – who is sitting at 3 home runs while batting .226.

Time for others to step up and add even more pop to the lineup.

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