The Longest Season

By Tim Morris
The fire was reported in a storage area behind the upper deck area


There was a fire at Dodger Stadium but it seemed to only light the bats of the Marlins on fire who scored 3 more runs after a fire was reported in a storage areaand smoke came billowing out sometime around the middle of the 5th.

There were so few fans at the ball park, 29,971 out of 56,000 seats (53.5 full), that it was simple enough just to move them whereas Last season they would’ve either had to stand or be given free tickets to another game, showing how pathetic things are for the Dodgers this season.

To the chagrin of Dodger fans everywhere McCourt will pay his bill for the month of May and the very fact that this is news is ridiculous. I never knew before this season how players were paid and that’s because there’s never been an owner that was so short on cash that he had to borrow money just to cover his team expenses. Where he’s getting the money now, I don’t know cuz he sure isn’t from the fans because about 30k seems to be the average attendance these days, so it seems the fans aren’t exactly enamored with the owner and if the product on the field was any exciting you’d at least come out to see that but with most games either being a blow out by the other team or a pitchers duel, no one wants to see that.

So, with the next payday deadline looming on June 15th, we Dodger fans cross our fingers yet again that McCheap can’t pay his bill and Bud Selig rips the team from him because I’ve lost total faith in Frank McCourt as an owner, he’s probably so bad off he’s playing lottery tickets and even if he won and put every cent won into the Dodgers, I still wouldn’t want him there.

Right now I feel like it’s just a waiting game to see how this will end, either one of 3 things seem to be able to happen right now and none of them end well for Frank.

1. He won’t be able to meet payroll on June 15th, which includes $6 mil he owes Manny Ramirez from deferred payments, so Bud Selig will be forced to take full control of the team, pay the payroll off league revenue and then sell the team to on an auction.

2. Jamie McCourt will win in court with the judge ruling that she’s part owner and as part of the divorce settlement she’s entitled to half of the teams assets and like a house will force a sale.

3. Selig will find some erroneous deed within all of Franks “detailed” financial records and get rid of him.

Of course, there’s the “brighter side” for Frank which I don’t even want to fathom right now…

1. The judge rules in favor of Frank in the divorce settlement giving him full control, thus enabling him to secure the 17 year TV deal with Fox worth billions of dollars, giving him a $300 million infusion of cash right away.

Sadly enough, that’s his only option, personally I like “our” chances of him failing. Like I said before, Frank’s best option right now is just to put the team up for sale himself because if he’s forced to sell either by a judge or Selig he won’t get top dollar for his investment and he’ll lose money, which now that I think of it he’s used to so maybe it’s not an issue for him. Just end it Frank…you’re cornered.

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