Cards Lose and I'm On The Road...

By chrisrundell

Coming to you from a hotel Cambridge, Ohio as I make my way east to Virginia, I found out for the first time about an hour ago that the Cardinals lost today 7-3.

The bad news: Two starters in three days have been rocked. Both of whom, are new to starting in the majors. Jamie Garcia, of course, is in his sophomore year and has been pitching unbelievably. But a couple of days ago he, pardon the language, had his ass handed to him. Today it was Kyle McClellan, the reliever turned starter, who gave up seven runs in four innings. Garcia could possibly be chalked up to a bad start and, like mentioned a couple days ago in my blog, perhaps he was tipping pitches. McClellan on the other hand, had been pitching unexpectedly well, however, he has been struggling more and more as of late. He’s never pitched so many innings in a short period of time and one has to wonder if he’s starting to become worn down. If it happens again later this week, perhaps Toneston La Russa should put in a spot starter sometime soon Kyle and give him some rest.

The good news: Albert Pujols was 2-4 with a homer and two rbis. Every time Pujols hits a round tripper I believe he’s on the verge of a major hot streak. Let’s hope I’m right this time.

Also, I’ll be in Virginia tomorrow but will not have access to the Internet until Wednesday night. See ya then Cardinal nation.

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