Redbirds Having Terrible Week

By chrisrundell

Coming to you from McLean, Virginia and from what I understand it’s been a rough couple of days for the Redbirds (My MLB subscription starts tomorrow). I’m not sure what I say tonight besides everything just seems like it’s more of the same. St. Louis lost its $17 million a year player in Matt Holliday for at least a couple more weeks after being placed on the DL with a quad strain.

Then there is Kyle McClellan, this isn’t as much of a shock to me. McClellan definitely has seemed unfocused and worn down his last few starts. The reason for his injury apparently is a left hip flexor strain. Basically, he has a swollen hip. I’m not sure if putting him on the disabled list was entirely because of his hip but rather to give the reliever turned starter some time to rest and hopefully come back in a couple weeks with a return to form.

The Memphis Mafia has come through for the Cards throughout their endless string of injuries and have provided plenty of entertaining games. It will be interesting to see what the Cards record is over the next two weeks.

Fernando Salas blew his first save of the year last night and then, like clockwork, Ryan Franklin was brought in and lost the game.

According to, St. Louis has been inquiring into Heath Bell. Again, it’s just a rumor, but acquiring Bell could add much needed support a bullpen that has cost the team so many unforgettable wins.

Still, the Cards would have to give up a lot to get the star closer and simultaneously pick up a big contract. So, it’s fun in theory but we will see.

Just for the record, Colby Rasmus was phenomenal tonight with a grand slam and a two-run triple. It was all for naught though, as the Giants slammed the Redbirds with an offensive onslaught.

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