Let the Rivalry Continue

By chrisrundell

Hey hey, it’s that time again. Starting tonight the St. Louis Cardinals start a three game series with longtime rival Chicago Cubs. The show starts at 7:15 CT with Jamie Garcia, looking to redeem himself after getting shelled last week, going up against Ryan Dempster, who sports an ugly 6.00 ERA.

The rivalry with the Northsiders has simmered in the last couple years and instead been replaced with the Dusty Baker-led Cincinnati Reds. Still, any fan of baseball loves to watch the two beloved teams go at it. Here are some quick fun facts about the two teams history:

1. The Cubbies actually lead the all-time series against the Rebirds with a record of 1,092-1,046. With that many games being played, it’s clear that the two have always had a back and forth match up. Still, it’s enough for Chicago fans to brag. However the usual retort for a St. Louis fan is to ask the antagonist how many World Series the Cubs have been to in the last century or so. Trust me, it usually works.

2. There is an excellent book for fans of both teams called “3 Nights in August” by Buzz Bissinger. From the point of view of Tony LaRussa, it takes a look at a three game series against the Cubs during their infamous 2003 season. It doesn’t choose sides, however, and there is plenty of information about the Cubs organization and their players that particular year. For a baseball fan, it’s difficult to put down.

3. Cards hall-of-famer Lou Brock was once a Cub. In fact, the trade by the Cubs is considered one of the worst in baseball history. Infamously known as “Brock for Broglio,” in 1964 Lou Brock was admittedly playing quite poorly for Chicago and they traded him for starting pitcher Ernie Broglio. That’s when Lou Brock started hitting and eventually became, well, Lou Brock. Broglio did poorly for the Cubs and his career never recovered. This trade is so well-known, it even has its own Wikipedia page right here

These are just a few facts and I plan on adding some more Saturday and Sunday. But in the meantime, anyone have any interesting facts about the rivalry? Feel free to leave them in the comment section.

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