Cubs-Cards Day Two

By chrisrundell

Jamie Garcia did in fact redeem himself last night after pitching eight solid innings with one earned run. Today it will be Randy Wells vs. Kyle Lohse. Lohse has been red-hot and Wells, like Dempster, has not. But we will see…

Now back to the fun stuff; three more facts about the Cub-Cards rivalry:

1. Cardinals announcing legend Jack Buck and Cubs announcing legend Harry Caray used to work side-by-side in the Redbirds booth. Caray actually worked for St. Louis for 22 years before leaving for the Cubs. There are some scandalous rumors as to why Caray left St. Louis but I’m not sure if it’s factual so you can look that one up yourself.

2. Sadly, beloved Cardinals pitcher Darryl Kile died in a Chicago hotel room during a series with Chicago. When he didn’t show up for the game, members of the organization went looking for him and found him in his bed. Joe Girardi, then a catcher for the Cubs, made the announcement in front of a live crowd that the game was canceled due to “a tragedy in the Cardinal family.” The cause of death was undetected blockage of two of Kile’s arteries. No drugs, no alcohol. He simply had a heart attack in his sleep.

3. Roger Hornsby owns the single season record for most hits for both the Cardinals and the Cubs.

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