Another day another loss; Swept again

By jamesfrench

It has now been six losses in a row for these Cubs, and nothing seems to be on the rise. After being swept by the Houston Astros, the Cubs took on their rival St. Louis Cardinals for a three game set. This could have been the series to help get the Cubs back into the mix of things. However, they did not step up to the plate for the challenge, and ended up losing all three and falling further behind in the division.

Albert Pujols ended the last two games all by himself, further proving the point of being one of the best Cubs killers. In yesterday’s extra inning battle, the Cubs tried to unintentionally intentionally walk Pujols, but instead gave up the walk-off home run to end the game. Today was a different story and situation, but the same result. This time the Cubs tried to pitch to him and record the last out. Albert had other ideas as he ended the game with one swing.

Once again the Cubs are proving to be a losing team, and can’t seem to fight their way out of this hole that they are digging for themselves. It’s time to wonder if this is how the organization viewed this year to be. Could this be as close to a rebuilding year as the Cubs can get? Cubs fans want to win, and they want to win now, so having a full rebuilding year will make many fans unhappy. Maybe the signing of Pena, and the Garza trade was an illusion of a team competing, when they are actually looking to next year and the years after.

This all would make sense as the organization has a lot of money coming off the books next year. If this year truly is the rebuilding phase, then they better have a better plan for next year, as this season is becoming almost unbearable to watch. You can just look at the past posts written with such optimism, and then turn to nothing but disappointment. I am normally optimistic until the point of no return, but the last couple of years I have found myself becoming disappointed earlier and earlier into the season.

Only time will tell what the organization has planned, but if all of us Cubs fans have to choke down this season, I hope that the future has much greater potential than what we are seeing.

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