Is this truly a rebuilding year for the Chicago Cubs?

By jamesfrench

To enter the 2011 season, all signs pointed at the Chicago Cubs intending on competing for the division. During the offseason, the Cubs signed power hitter Carlos Pena to a one year deal, and went out and traded for right hander, Matt Garza. Two moves that indicated that the Cubs were in fact going to compete for the Nl Central. Key players such as, Aramis Ramirez, Alfonso Soriano, Marlon Byrd, Dempster and Zambrano were all coming back, and hopefully with one goal in mind.

Unfortunately that goal seems to be, just stay healthy and wait until next year. Even that goal cannot be succeeded as both Soriano and Byrd are on the disabled list, and Ramirez and Zambrano have been banged up a little bit this year as well.

All signs point to the Cubs treating this year as a rebuilding phase. Maybe the Ricketts family just wants to have their own personnel out on the field, and they have to wait for expiring contracts to do so. The Cubs just are not competing, and we are starting to see more and more of the same guys seemingly giving up each game. A rebuilding year is not necessarily a bad idea, as this team is full of the past mixed in with a little bit of the future. It is time to let the future take over.

We are getting the chance to see some of the younger players in the system. They may not all be in the plans for the future of the organization, but at least they are getting the chance to showcase their talent and become trade bait.

It’s always fun to see young players come up and play the game the way it’s supposed to be played. Without this type of opportunity, we may have never gotten a chance to see what a scrappy Tony Campana can do. You could even go as far as pointing out the fact that Darwin Barney may have not gotten the opportunity to start without this situation.

Overall, a rebuilding year would benefit the Cubs organization as a whole, and if that is what their intentions are, then I put it out to all Cub fans to just be patient with this year’s club, and enjoy the little things like Starlin Castro, Darwin Barney and Tony Campana. Next year or the year after just may the seasons to make a real run for a title.

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