Three Things I Like About the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals

By chrisrundell

1. The return of Lance Berkman: Berkman is having a comeback year so far and if he continues the way he’s playing he’ll definitely be a strong contender for the Comeback Player of the Year Award handed out by the Baseball Writers Association of America. Here are his career stats, notice how his lines look like they did a few years ago.

2. The clubhouse atmosphere. Everyone from announcers to baseball pundits to fans like me watching at home have discussed how the team just genuinely seems happier and simply flows together better than last year. Many attribute this to the reason why the Cards keep winning despite the endless amount of injuries. Check out this article by USA TODAY, particularly the second part, about the camaraderie in the clubhouse.

3. Again, the injuries of the team this year is well-known by now. However, someone who has been injured off and on for the last couple years is finally making his $40 million contract seem worth it: Kyle Lohse. The Cardinal organization has had its fair share of criticism after signing Lohse to a 4-year contract worth $10 mil a year, and rightfully so. He has been injured often, and sub-par when (supposedly) healthy. But with the loss of Adam Wainwright and a struggling Chris Carpenter, Lohse has seemingly regained his form and been someone I look forward to watching. If the season were to end today, he’d be in the Cy Young race for sure with an impressive 7-2 record and a 2.41 ERA in 86 innings pitched. Also impressive, he has 52 strikeouts against a mere 15 walks. You earn that $10 mil Kyle…earn it all season please. Thanks. I appreciate it.

Today was positive day for the blog. Tomorrow I will list three things I dislike about the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals. I’m sure many of you will agree. In fact, they might almost be predictable. If you think you know what they will be, leave a comment and tell me…before I tell you.

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