Mark Grace arrested on suspicion of DUI

By jamesfrench

Former Chicago Cub was apparently arrested on Memorial day, on the suspicion of a DUI charge. Apparently the former fan favorite had a little bit of fun on the holliday in order to be arrested. Supposedly, Grace had been driving his car, and admitted to the police officer that he had been drinking. The police officer claimed that the suspect had been swirving his car, which caused enough concern to be pulled over.

This is just another story of a baseball personality, whether it be a player, announcer or commentator that is having off field issues. Miguel Cabrera is the big name that comes to mind when thinking about this topic. He is the reason that the MLB is now looking into suspensions to players for off field issues, the same way that Roger Goodell did in the NFL.

Could this ruling extend to radio and TV personalities too? Obviously listening to the callers of the game is almost as big of deal as the players. Every team has their own personalities, usually former players, that they fall in love with, and to see them mess up off the field could be just as big of a deal as a player.

Maybe I’m just kidding myself when I think that broadcasters are just as important? All I know is that when I heard this DUI arrest happened to one of my favorite players of all time, I was devastated, and could not believe that this would happen.

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