So Long Bob Geren, Your Free Ride is Over

By joshuarussell

It never feels good to see someone get fired. Unless of course, that person isn’t doing their job and is hindering the progress of a team or organization.

The coaching changes continue in the Bay Area, making only the San Francisco Giant’s, Bruce Bochy as the lone-standing veteran Bay Area coach.

Here’s the bottom line, Geren was never able to achieve anything other than mediocrity. Mediocrity and sports do not mesh together. He was given too much leeway for too long, constantly leaning on injuries as a convenient excuse.

What we can say now is that the A’s have no identity. They have great pitching but it has not been dominant. Their bullpen (once tops in ERA) has been mismanaged and the offense has been offensive.

I’m glad Billy Beane finally pulled the trigger. The fans deserve more. Period.

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