Three Things I Dislike About the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals (Part II of II)

By chrisrundell

Well, now that the long list of injuries was taken care of in my previous blog, I can get to the other two things I don’t like about the 2011 Cards season so far. The first was obviously the ridiculous amount of trips to the disabled list.

2. The second revolves around the defense. The team has nearly 40 errors in the short season. About a fourth of those go to Ryan Theriot with 11. That’s right, 11 in two and a half months. As much as his bat has been helpful, fans have to wonder if he’s helped the opposing team win more than his own team. We’ve seen infielders become outfielders and outfielders become infielders and it’s definitely caused some real defensive issues. This could have a correlation with the next thing I dislike about this years team…which is…

3. The performance of Chris Carpenter and Ryan Franklin. As everyone knows by now, Franklin has cost the team nearly 10 games by his awful, awful pitching. It seems every ball he serves up is a meatball and hitters have used his pitching for batting practice. It’s sad. It really, really is. He’s obviously frustrated with himself and from what I understand he’s a good clubhouse guy, but a teams main objective is to win and I think it’s time to cut ties with the former All-Star. His ERA is 7.23, which is disgusting for someone who is supposed to be a closer. And while he’s lost his closer role, TLR still continues to put him in the damn games and I don’t know why. I know he hopes that Franklin will fix whatever issues he’s having, but maybe he should figure those issues out in the minors for awhile.

Now, to a lesser extent, this has also been a disappointing first half by former Cy Young Award winner Chris Carpenter. The guy only has one win. However, he has also been the pitcher with the least run support. Plus, Carp is a ground ball pitcher and, like stated earlier, his defense has been shaky and could be a reason why his ERA is higher than normal.

Still, he just doesn’t look as sharp as he has in the past and numbers don’t lie. That ERA I was talking about is at 4.25 (he pitches tonight so hopefully that gets lowered). Now 4.25 is a respectable ERA for a number five starter, but this guy is an ace. Since the Cards lost their other ace, we really needed Carp to be on top of his game. Unfortunately, he’s not.

What really concerns me is how many home runs he gives up. He’s given up eight so far. I guess this concerns me because when Carp is leaving the ball up, it usually means he’s hurt. But, he could just be a victim of bad luck. Let’s hope that’s the case. Maybe he’ll have a phenomenal second half. Maybe he’ll pitch a perfect game tonight. Maybe he’s completely healthy.

Tonight he is facing a very good Brewers offense. His performance tonight will be interesting to watch.

Do you think the Carp will bounce back? What are some other issues the team has been having? Let me know

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