In Oak-Town, Good News These Days is Relative

By joshuarussell

When you are losers of 12 out of your last 13 games, you will take whatever good news you can get. No, the A’s didn’t win today (but in fairness, they didn’t lose either since they had an off-day). They have not climbed out of the AL West cellar yet, nor did Hideki Matsui or Daric Barton break .220 yet.

Actually, the news was good in A’s-ville today because the team learned that injured pitcher, Brett Anderson’s pitching elbow does not need surgery but rather six weeks of rehab.

This is very good news considering it was looking like Anderson would need season-ending Tommy John surgery. Anderson received a platelet rich plasma injection and will be re-evaluated in three weeks.

Halleluyah! Now, if the A’s can only get Tyson Ross, Brandon McCarthy, Rich Harden, and Dallas Braden back from injuries then their pitching rotation will begin to look like it is supposed to.

And, if they can only get the aforementioned Matsui and Barton as well as Josh Willingham, Kurt Suzuki and David DeJesus to pick up their batting averages to over .250, then the A’s might be able to make up their 8 game deficit in the AL West.

But, one thing at a time. Still – Brett Anderson’s news is very welcoming for the A’s.

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