Bad Weekend for the Cards Gets People Talking Trade

By chrisrundell

Well, after watching all three games against the Milwaukee Brewers this weekend, I’ve come to the following two realizations:

1. The Redbirds need their 80 million injured players (that’s right, 80 million) to get healthy now. The last two games against the Brewcrew were close and even having someone like Matt Holliday back in the lineup could have changed the final outcome.
2. Despite looking extremely clumsy and obese, Prince Fielder is a freaking machine. Nobody in the league is hotter right now. The dude apparently hits a home run everyday and he certainly showed St. Louis pitchers that fact.

I personally think if the team is healthy by the time the All-Star break is over (and stays healthy) then they can run away with the division and don’t need to try to overcompensate with a huge trade. Still, this weekends performance has fans and some journalists sceaming ‘We need a trade now!’ The guys over at the “St. Louis Post-Dispatch” discussed this debatable issue in-depth earlier. Feel free to check it out here, it’s fun to read baseball writers talk about what the Cardinals need most.

So what position do you think the Cards need the most? A closer? A lefty reliever? A lefty reliever-turned-closer (I’m basically talking Brian Fuentes)? A third baseman? Perhaps a shortstop who can field and make Ryan Theriot a super utility guy?

I think, and this is probably what they will do, is wait until after the All-Star break, look at who is healthy and how people are performing, and make a trade within a day or two of the deadline…just like they do every single year. My belief is they’ll try to get a solid bullpen guy who is having a down year and work Dave Duncan magic on him (Again, Fuentes). However, what I think would be a better option is going after an above average starter.

Right now the rotation has had a shaky week and I think they’ll bounce back, but if any of them suffer a significant injury, then they’re screwed. Also, I think the bullpen has been strong since mid-May (but I definitely understand the need for another lefty). But, Chris Carpenter is just not doing it this year and that has hurt tremendously. A solid starter could really motivate this team and perhaps someone in the current rotation could be valuable in a long relief role. Bam. Two birds with one stone. We’ll see.

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